And so it begins, my very first blog post. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, as Lao Tzu said. Here is my own little corner of the internets, where I can pontificate, ramble, babble incoherently about anything I like. But most of it will be about writing: the words, how they are put down, and with what tools.

I’ve been a sort of poet for most of my life, and a fountain pen user since before starting school: my grandfather had me.writing cursive before my first day of class. Looking back, it’s when I hit high school and started using a ball-point (because I could) that my marks began nosediving.  About five years ago I began using a fountain pen again because of health issues, not having the strength in my hands to press sufficiently with a ball-point. Since then, my handwriting has improved and I can write longer with less pain. The way I have my pens set up, I barely touch the nib to paper.

So, here will be ramblings about writing equipment, inks, papers, poetry (my own and that of others), and of course music. If not for music, I can assure you I wouldn’t be writing this now. Come along if you like, and let’s have some fun together!