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Today I begin a new series of…not ink reviews. A sample, a photo, a brief description of an ink. There are other reviewers who go scientific, where you can get densitometer readings and such. I’ll just show you what’s what, and give a quick opinion.

Konrad Żurawski is a wizard, an alchemist. Through his company, KWZ, he creates magic for pen and paper. A rainbow of iron gall inks, and entire spectrums of blues, reds, greens, and other colours. Now, when I think of the colours brown and pink, my first thought is how they would be the last two colours I would combine. Leave it to Konrad to prove me wrong. KWZ Brown Pink is a wonderful colour…hints of brown and red, chocolate and wine…I like to call it Black Swan in Polish Roses, as it reminds me of a combination of two inks from another maker. 

Wet and smooth, nice lubrication, fairly quick drying, this instantly became one of my favourite inks. Paper is Staples Sustainable Earth pad, which is great for FP inks. Thin, maybe 15lbs, but very little showthrough and almost no bleedthrough. A lovely paper for seeing shading.